I enjoy calling it the present continuous. We are united in it, independent of time. For instance, now, when we are together, here. Now. And how about now? Now as well. The unchangingly changing moment, so uniformly varied.

Benji Knewman Vol.5

We meet an American marketing professor who has never owned a mobile phone.

Then there’s a German man who interviews celebrities and discovers a long-lost film.

Also, a 65-year-old motorbike connoisseur almost breaks his neck.

On recollecting the sentiment of the almost lost art of VHS tapes.

Finally, it’s the 1930s and a bunch of street photographers make history happen.


Bilingual (English / Latvian).
170 mm x 240 mm.
Full color on uncoated paper complimented with two surprise insets. Perfect bound. Open spine for easy reading.
208 pages.
Printed by PNB Print near by Riga, Latvia.

On the cover: Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ZEITmagazin. Cover illustration by Agrita Krieviņa.

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