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Chapter 1

…in which we discuss the age when a person really gets to be called old. Meanwhile a former host of the TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” buries his pretty face in the search of good taste.

Chapter 2

…in which a brand architect talks about forecasting the future and admits to his biggest failure. Then we meet two other architects who believe that it is not healthy to live in a box.

Chapter 3

…where we get personal. A man fantasizes about a palace and its lost inhabitants, a girl opens up about giving birth in New York and a chef writes a diary on discovering the taste of his land.

Chapter 4

…which is the longest and deals with freedom. First, we learn about creative immigration away from London. Then there’s a true story about a place where people formed a human chain and made history. Finally, a painter gets seriously surreal.

Chapter 5

…in which naked is good. All kinds of it. A singer songwriter is honest about his teenage years in a Christian family. A couple gets under their sheets with their two cats and call it a day.

Chapter 6

…which is reserved for gentlemen. A former prime minister confesses to running a country with no previous experience and a father and son compete for the longest beard.