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Benji Knewman was born in 2014, in the artistic union of Agnese Kleina, journalist, director and concept designer of Zuzeum Art Centre, and editorial designer Madara Krieviņa.

Made in Riga and curated for the world, Benji Knewman is a bookazine affectionately presenting life that you can read and expanding the definition of normal. By linking east and west Benji Knewman is doing something nobody else is doing.

Benji Knewman the bookazine is the literary arm of ethically made and wittily designed life that you can wear. Functional art objects in the form of everyday clothing are linking personal to political and are embodying the dull ache of the soul, the eternal yearning (smeldze in Latvian, тоска in Russian) that lies within human nature, especially if the given individual was born in the former Soviet bloc.

Benji Knewman merges past with present and marries life with art. It is sustainable and responsible and MADE IN RIGA.

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