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Benji Knewman merges past with present and marries life with art.

Functional art objects in the form of small-batch everyday clothing and jewellery are linking personal to political. The same applies to annually published bookazine a true collector’s item.

Made in Riga, Europe and curated for the world, Benji Knewman is on the mission to expand the definition of normal.

Benji Knewman is sustainable and responsible. We use only GOTS-certified organic cotton produced in garment factory in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Socially and environmentally responsible production undergoes annual audits to comply with the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices.

Everything at Benji Knewman is made to order or produced/handmade in small batches to leave a smaller footprint whenever possible.

Benji Knewman was born in 2014, in the artistic union of journalist and concept designer Agnese Kleina, currently serving as director of one the newest museums in the Baltic Sea region, Zuzeum Art Centre, and editorial designer Madara Krieviņa.

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