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Necklace SMELDZE

Eternal yearning.

94 €

Necklace SMELDZE

Very limited edition of Benji Knewman necklaces embodying the dull ache of the soul, the eternal yearning (smeldze in Latvian, тоска in Russian) that lies within human nature, especially if the given individual was born in the former Soviet bloc.

Freshwater pearls. Blue jade. Silver tag. And that yellow symbol of the free West.

Ethically made in Riga.

Ready to ship. Only 1 available.

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Everything at Benji Knewman is made to order or produced in small batches to avoid surplus product and leave a smaller footprint whenever it’s possible.

Depending on stock availability and local postal services, it might take anywhere from 4 to 14 business days for an order to be delivered. International orders may take longer.

Necklace SMELDZE

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